Friday, May 19, 2017

Class V, May 28, 2017

Marx’s Capital as a Challenge to Racism, Sexism/Heterosexism and Environmental Destruction

Sunday May 28, 2017 
2:30-4:30 p.m. 

Southern California Library, 6120 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles 90044

Required readings:

Part Eight(Chapters 26, 31-33):  So-Called Primitive Accumulation 

Chapter 10:  "The Working Day," section 7,  pp. 411-416 (Vintage,1976)

Chapter 15:  “Machinery and Large-Scale Industry,”  section 9,  pp. 617-621 (Vintage, 1976)

“Private Property and Communism”  in The Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844
Chapter 7:  “The Labor Process and the Valorization Process”,  section 1,  pp. 283-292 (Vintage, 1976)

Optional readings:  

Kevin Anderson.  “Race, Class and Slavery:  The Civil War as a Second American Revolution”  and “”Late Writings on Non-Western and Precapitalist societies”  in  Marx at the Margins:  On Nationalism, Ethnicity and Non-Western Societies.  University of Chicago Press, 2010.

C.L.R. James.  On The “Negro Question.” Edited by Scott McLemee.   University Press of Mississipi,  1996

Heather Brown.  Marx on Gender and the Family:  A Critical Study.  Haymarket, 2013.

Angela Davis.  Women, Race and Class.  Vintage,  1983. 

Paul Burkett.  Marx and Nature.  Haymarket,  2014

Kohei Saito.  “Marx’s Ecological Notebooks” in Monthly Review.  February 2016



  1. Heard nothing about these sessions until read Michael Roberts post yesterday. Am uncertain if able to make but would have liked to have heard about this and considered it. How was notice of sessions publicized?

  2. I'm sorry that you hadn't heard about these classes. The publicity was available at some public libraries, bookstores, campuses, March for Women's Lives, UCLA Labor Center, Facebook and the Historical Materialism Listserv among other places. Hope you will be able to attend the class on May 28.